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Tiny and Time-Saving Tools for Freelancers

Tiny and Time-Saving Tools for Freelancers

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Published on Feb 26, 2021

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Since the beginning of a career as a freelancer that began a few years ago, I found a lot of useful tiny and time-saving tools for freelancers to support the completion of various projects I have done, ranging from domain selection purposes unique to invoicing. I want to share with you a variety of services online that I use since 2016.

Unsplash is a collection of huge free high-resolution photos.


Launchaco is a handy tool for instantly searching domains availability, social media handles and logos.


Coolors – The super fast color schemes generator!


Blend is a tool for generating simple CSS3 gradients.


Pingdom is an awesome tool for website speed testing.


Iconogen is a web-based tool for quickly generating favicon, Android and iOS icons.


Just Good Copy – Examples of email copy from some of the biggest businesses in the world.


ZipBooks is a new accounting tool that is not only free, but also beautifully designed and simple to use. You can use it to create invoices, track your time, manage payments and clients, track your expenses, and more.


What do you think? Tell me your favorite tool.

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